"Gorisuke & Ushisuke" is a comedy duo.

Who are the Ogi-ri manzai performers Gorisuke Ushisuke?

Manzai featuring a gorilla and a cow disguised as humans
Gorisuke (left) is in a cute costume, and Ushisuke (right) transforms into a humanoid form.

Performing manzai in their animal form(this is what it used to be like in the past)

What kind of creature is "Gorisuke Ushisuke," and what kind of activities do they engage in?

Gorisuke Ushisuke is a Japanese manzai (stand-up comedy duo). Although they do not belong to any talent agency, they are famous as "WEB manzai performers," "Ogi-ri manzai performers," and "Animal Ogi-ri manzai performers" due to their online presence. They mainly perform together on YouTube's "Gorisuke Ogi-ri Manzai" channel.

Formation Year: 2022-
Encounter: Childhood classmates
Genres: Manzai, Ogi-ri, Comedy
As of 2023, they are well-known as manzai performers representing the animal kingdom.

【Reference Links】
・YouTube "Gorisuke Ogi-ri Manzai"
・Twitter "Gorisuke Ogi-ri"
One of Japan's leading reply comedy venues.
Members: Gorisuke Ushisuke



A male gorilla in his 40s.
He is mainly active on Twitter and YouTube as a talking and comedic gorilla.
He is a rare self-confident individual.
His base is in the Kanto region of Japan.
In the manzai performance of "Gorisuke Ushisuke," he is in charge of playing the fool, and his high-pitched voice is a characteristic feature.
During the performance, he wears an "orange costume" to avoid frightening children (unlike Ushisuke, he doesn't have the ability to transform).
He is also well-known as the topic master of the popular Twitter Ogi-ri "Gorisuke Ogi-ri."
He and Ushisuke are classmates from elementary and junior high school.
He has been divorced 16 times.
He is the eldest son of ten siblings.
He currently lives with his 17th wife and 16 children.


A cow in his 40s.
His gender is not disclosed, but their low voice suggests that he is a bull.
He mainly exist on YouTube as a talking cow.
He is a sensible cow.
In the "Gorisuke Ushisuke" comedy act, they are in charge of the retort and have a characteristic low voice.
To avoid criticism that "it is ridiculous for a cow to do comedy," he transform into a human-like form during the act.
He is also famous for having a twin brother named "Ushi Waka."
He has been divorced 17 times.
He currently live with their 18th wife, but the number of his children is not disclosed.
Unlike Gorisuke, he is famous for not accepting any interviews about his private life.

Comedy Style

[Oogiri Manzai (Comedy Improv)] The main style is to select responses from the huge number of oogiri (comedy improv) replies submitted to the Twitter oogiri event "Gorisuke Oogiri" and perform a comedy act (Gorisuke Oogiri Manzai) on YouTube.

Gorisuke intensely sympathizes with the boke (funny lines) responses to the oogiri, wildly expands his imagination to add more boke, and "Ushisuke" enters with a tsukkomi (straight-man retort), resulting in a "highly socially beneficial" comedy act that has gained popularity.

This style is not only popular among animals but also among many humans who support and empathize with it.

Example of a Comedy Act:
We tried performing a comedy act (Gorisuke Ushisuke) based on the topic "Scenes that seem to involve Dr. FAX" from the Twitter humor contest "Gorisuke Oogiiri".


Although it is only a rumor level, there is a suspicion that "Ushisuke does not actually exist and it is a case of Gorisuke playing two roles."

However, the basis for this suspicion has not been identified, and Gorisuke is not saying much about it.
It is concerning that his catchphrase is "Even if you dislike Ushisuke, please do not dislike Gorisuke."

Scandal 1

During a comedy act by Gorisuke, there was a joke directed at "Ushisuke" that said, "Shall I turn you into a beef steak?" in 2022. However, this was criticized by animal welfare organizations as promoting bullying towards animals. In response, Gorisuke replied, "Don't you guys eat beef? You idiots," and the conflict with the animal welfare organization intensified. This incident became a major social phenomenon involving public opinion, but Gorisuke's joke was generally supported.

Scandal 2

Press Conference Apology by "Gorisuke & Ushisuke" Comedy Duo on February 22nd, 2023 in a certain location in Tokyo.